The Wellbeing Coach - Life Coach

Wellbeing Coaching

The coaching you need to enable you to stress less and feel well

Reaching beyond where you are is really important

Martin Seligman, Positive Psychologist

How wellbeing coaching can help you

The Wellbeing Coach - Life Coach

Can't see the wood for the trees?

Wellbeing coaching focuses on the whole of you or just the bits of your life that you need help with.

I can help you to concentrate on your mental and physical health and all things contributing to your well being.

Perhaps you feel as though you need more meaning and purpose in your life or you're just not experiencing as much joy as you used to.  Or are you finding a work or personal relationship difficult?  Perhaps you're just feeling stressed, demotivated and don't feel like you have time to spend on you because you're too busy working 24/7 or caring for everybody else except yourself.

The coaching relationship we work in together, will enable you to spend some space and time working out how to regain balance so that you can feel less stressed and make choices that are right for you. Whilst engaging in wellbeing coaching you can reflect and focus on how you want to optimise the balance of welbeing in your life.